Weekend Youth Basketball Training

As of November  2021, all sport training classes are still suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Classes will resume very soon. Stay tuned.



Our lessons are structured in a two-hour format, to ensure players have enough time to safely warm up, practice, and enjoy the game. Boys and girls, age 6 and above, are welcome to join our classes. Our current curriculum focuses on motivating players to enjoy basketball and also building strong physical and technical foundation for continuous individual improvement. As the training progresses, players will learn about the team concept, and offense tactics, and defense tactics. 

All new students are evaluated by the coach individually so that their own instructional needs can be addressed throughout the class. Players will be evaluated and then split up into smaller practice groups according to age and ability. Parents are welcome to observe and support our young players. We encourage parents to join the game with us. 

A typical lesson will include the following components:

- Warm-up and stretching

- Physical and strength exercises

- Dribbling/passing/shooting/footwork drills

- Techniques and tactics demonstrations

- Techniques and tactics practices 

- Introduction of game rules and posts

- Game Time